How to Wash Your Vehicle Air Conditioners

Diskutiere How to Wash Your Vehicle Air Conditioners im Verkaufe Forum im Bereich Teilemarkt; You may hear the term "air conditioning system flush" when replacing dc air conditioning parts on your vehicle, either as a general industry...


You may hear the term "air conditioning system flush" when replacing dc air conditioning parts on your vehicle, either as a general industry practice or at the store where you have your vehicle serviced. What you need to know is that it is absolutely critical to perform this function and we will explain why and what you need to do to accomplish this.


What is an AC flush
Simply put, an air conditioning flush uses compressed air to send a solution through the air conditioning system, thereby cleaning and catching any contaminants and particles and flushing them away from the system. An AC flush is only done when the system has been opened up, or
when a major component like the AC compressor has been replaced.

Wash Steps
To properly flush the system, perform the following steps.

1 Set things up
In most air conditioning flush situations, the car will stop and the air conditioning system will turn on, usually with the compressor lines disconnected. Remove the dryer/accumulator and all A/C lines to the evaporator and condenser.

2 Start with the evaporator
First flush the evaporator, which is the accessory to the firewall. Use your heater hose to slip over one of the threaded fittings and fill an empty bucket with the hose.

Next, use a flush tool to spray flush fluid into the other hose inlet. The air and flush solution will then be expelled into the bucket along with any contaminants.

3 Condenser
Next, move to the condenser and repeat the same process, placing the hose at the lower of the two fittings on the condenser and spraying the flush solution through the condenser.

4 Air Conditioning Hose
Next, remove each A/C hose that was removed and place one end of the hose into the bucket. Spray flushing fluid through the hose. Note that if the hose has an accumulator/receiver dryer attached at this point, you will need to remove it as it will be replaced with a new unit. Some hoses have a built-in accumulator/receiver drier. In this case, the hose will need to be replaced.

5 Reconnect the hose
After flushing everything, you can reconnect the hose with a new O-ring and install the compressor.

6 Check your work
At this point, the system should be put under vacuum to check for any leaks and to remove all atmospheric air from the system. Then, charge the A/C system with the appropriate amount of oil and refrigerant.

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Flushing the air conditioner system of your car is a step that should not be skipped, especially when servicing the A/C compressor. In order for the A/C system to work properly, the system must be 100% clean, free of any contaminants, and use only 100% refrigerant and oil. Any deviation will result in compressor and system failure.



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How to Wash Your Vehicle Air Conditioners

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