Do You Know When To Change Tires?

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When a car is on the road, the only thing in contact with the ground is the tire. The quality of the car tires directly determines the driving control of the vehicle. If a car encounters a car tire on the road, it is very unfortunate for the car owner, so we should know when we change the tire.

1: tire thickness

Comparing a new car with an old car, car owners will find that the tires of the new car have a high degree of foaming, are brighter, have a deeper pattern, and have a better gloss, and the new tires are harder. The car has a flat tire, so the signal is a sparse tire tread, and the thickness of the tire pattern is less than 1.6 mm. In this case, the car will easily puncture. Every day, waiting for words to see hidden ruins in the tire seam, is not considered harmless, remember to use a clean stone hook to clean and reduce tire wear. The tread thickness of a normal tire must be greater than 1.6mm. If it is located in the south, the car often drives on the slippery ground due to the long rainy season. Therefore, it is best for southern car tires to ensure that the tread thickness is greater than 3.2mm. Old cars, old cars often have flat tires because they are too thin, so pay special attention to the thickness of the tires.

2: tire blowout

The car wheel trade fair shows that tire bulge is mostly caused by accidental strong impact during use, resulting in severe squeeze and deformation of tires. Once the steel cord on the side of the tire breaks, the air inside the tire will push up from the fault to form a bulge. Accidental collisions are the main cause of tire blowouts.

3: tire sidewall crack

According to China Auto Wheel Expo, we often see small cracks on the side of tires. If this happens, it may mean that the tire is flat, which will make the tire pressure unstable, leading to the risk of a flat tire. This situation may not be a problem in the short term, but it is recommended that car owners always observe the tires. If the cracks continue to expand, it is recommended to replace them directly, especially tires that are more than 5 years old.

4: abnormal vehicle vibration when driving

When the car starts to shake abnormally at high speeds, the owner must be very careful because this may be a tire problem. Of course, it may also be a problem with the engine and transmission. In this case, it is best for car owners to pull over as soon as possible for investigation.

Do You Know When To Change Tires?

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