China Bubble Wrap LDPE Air Pillow Film Roll

Diskutiere China Bubble Wrap LDPE Air Pillow Film Roll im Passat B5 (Typ 3B / 3BG) Forum im Bereich Technik; ※ Our company Pack Well Air Packaging Co., Ltd also known as Guangzhou PackBest Air Packaging Co., Ltd was established in 2006. We are now...


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※ Our company
Pack Well Air Packaging Co., Ltd also known as Guangzhou PackBest Air Packaging Co., Ltd was established in 2006. We are now covering an area of 7000m² and is located in the central area of Xintang Town, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou City. Our fast, friendly and efficient service provides a full range of protective inflatable air packaging products and solutions, including below categories:
1. Air column bag and packing material for electronics, crafts, toner cartridges, wine industry, home appliances and various kinds of packaging applications;
2. Air column roll and air bubble wrapping roll material as innovative packaging materials compared with traditional bubble wrapping material;
3. Air cushion for presenting showroom handbags, pack bags, suitcases or shipping carton void fillings;
4. Air pillow and bubble wrapping film roll running on our auto-inflation machine systems;
5. Dunnage bags for container inner void gaps filling;
6. Auto air column inflation machine systems;
7. R&D in air packaging machine and different kinds of air packaging materials.
Pack Well Air Packaging is a leading supplier of packaging, both wholesale and retail into domestic and abroad market. From the developing strategy we follow, we are looking for long-term partners worldwide to join us and share the air packaging future with us.
As an experienced manufacturer with powerful R&D ability, healthy supply chain management in our team, one of our biggest advantages above others is we are always in a position to adjust or redesign the product on your request.
Follow us! Air we share, innovation we care!China Bubble Wrap LDPE Air Pillow Film Roll
website:China Air Column Bag, Air Cushion Pack, Air Cushion Bag, Dunnage Bags Suppliers and Factory - Guangzhou Packbest Air Packaging Co., Ltd.
website2:الصين الهواء العمود حقيبة ، وسادة هوائية حزمة ، وسادة هوائية كيس ، Dunnage حقائب الموردين والمصنع - حزمة Well Air Packaging Co.، Ltd

Air Packing

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Features of Packaging Air Bags
1. Green and environmental protection. Traditional foam plastic cushioning materials are bulky, poor in environmental protection, and in most cases cannot be recycled, so packaging waste brings great harm to the environment. In contrast, materials such as airbags for packing that use air buffers have good environmental performance. First of all, the amount of raw materials used is small, and after one use, if the structure is not damaged, it can be recycled multiple times, meeting environmental protection requirements.

2. Reliable quality. The plastic film used in the airbags for packing produced on the market is a composite film of various materials, and the film itself has stable performance. In addition, the production process of the airliner is excellent, and the heat-seal strength between each layer of the film can fully meet the requirements of use. Therefore, the quality of airbags for packing is reliable, and the carrying stability is very good.

3. Wide range of applications. With the prosperous development of the e-commerce and express delivery industry, more and more products use air column bags for cushion packaging, such as green plants, light, and small daily necessities, red wine, ceramic glass containers, and so on. In addition, air column bags can also be seen in the fields of instrumentation, home appliances, and electronic products.

4. Low overall cost. For products, it is hoped that the lower the packaging cost, the better. As a cushioning material, airbags for packing have a low production cost. Secondly, it is stacked or transported and stored in the form of coils before being inflated after production. The low transportation and storage costs are also one of the reasons why it is popular with customers.

China Bubble Wrap LDPE Air Pillow Film Roll

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